Shorts // Who Is Walking With You?

We don’t get somewhere alone. We get there through our networks and shared purpose. Are your…

Shorts // Is Your Team Energised to Go?

Compassionate leaders understand that having a motivated team is as much about support for excellence as…

Shorts // Are You Seeing Clearly Enough?

Compassionate leaders understand the value of seeing clearly even if the truth is challenging and uncomfortable.

Shorts // Is the Limit the Opportunity?

A Compassionate Leader understands that constraints and boundaries can bring opportunity and freedom.

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Case Stories // Knowing Who You Need Next

In our second case story on the Contribution Compass we share our experience of using the Contribution Identifier…

Agreeing the Role You Need Next with Contribution Compass

Through this case story find out how we used the Contribution Identifier, a new free tool from Contribution Compass, to clearly define the contribution we needed the most as our next hire, not the job title we thought we needed.

Shorts // Are You Stuck On Your Next Hire?

Use the Contribution Compass’ free tool to clearly define the contribution you need next.

Books // Get In the Game

In the seventh book recommendation in our must-have Compassionate Leadership collection, Ann introduces us to ‘Get in the…