The Great Game of Business by Jack Stack and Bo Burlingham

The Great Game of Business taps into the power of the game mindset to resolve the conflict between people and profit, unlocking into the competitive spirit of every person.

Defining Your Value Proposition with Contribution Compass

In this case story, find out how we used Contribution Compass to redefine our value proposition as part of our web site redesign project. It just goes to show that Contribution Compass is so much more than a team profiling tool.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Patrick’s model is my go-to when working with any team, as teamwork is still a rarity. This is because teams are made up of imperfect human beings and are therefor inherently dysfunctional.

Teaming by Amy C. Edmondson

In Teaming, the real power of this work is that it provides a supportive framework for understanding and responding to the dynamics of teams, and, specifically, how to use that dynamic in creating collective learning. This is a really practical resource, filled with ideas and strategies.

Principles by Ray Dalio

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish is one of the most important books in my collection. Throughout my years as a coach, and previously as an executive leader in organisations, I have never found a tool as simple and structured as the Scaling Up methodology.

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #16 Rewriting Reality

Most of us have our own versions of disempowering beliefs – our beliefs around the way we look, about our self-worth, about our relationship with money. These beliefs come from various sources: a bullying teacher; overhearing a conversation between our parent …

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #15 Commitment

I have always been amazed that even when teams embrace conflict and honest debate, they can still struggle with commitment. And this tends to drive a dangerous culture – passivity. I’m sure we have all experienced meetings where the CEO or leader decides …

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #14 Connectedness

Too many leaders lead by assumption. I was reminded of this starkly this past week when I coached an executive team grappling with production issues. In this case, after a deep dive into what was really going on, it transpired that a few key members of the team held their own…

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #13 Overcoming Barriers

Even the Berlin Wall could not stop people from reaching out to communicate with each other. There are countless powerful stories of strangers and family finding ingenious ways to overcome the massive obstacle…

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #12 Responsibility

The typical executive team meeting at most organisations illustrates how blame is a powerful motivator. Like its close cousins guilt and shame, blame is one of the most common forms of motivation used by leaders, parents and politicians. . Depending on how…