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Ann Baret, Founder

I have trained in various personal development modalities with some of the world’s best teachers and have been to workshops and read more books than most people I knew. In a driven quest to ‘fix’ myself I have tried more therapies than anyone I know, and trained in some of them.

I’m impatient and intolerant in the absence of integrity, trust and accountability; I stand for high quality and hold myself to a high standard. I believe pretty much anything is possible and am still learning (often, the hard way) not to confuse that with ‘I can do everything right now’.

Through my 20 years of experience in the corporate world and my in-depth knowledge of human behaviour, I bring a passion not only for excellence but for transformation and collaboration. Information and motivation have a place, I know …. but transformation, now that gets me inspired and energised!

Our Delivery Partners

Jenna Hartley

Delivery Partner, Strategy and Culture
I’m passionate about creating environments that awaken the human spirit. I help my clients get to the source of their problems so that they can transform their reality into something that they truly want. One 'real' conversation about what you truly want, is all it takes to start creating the job, the business, the team that you want. I simply facilitate the 'real' conversation. I spent 11 years working in financial services before becoming a consciousness coach. I now inspire a new way of thinking and communicating that transforms organisations into places people love to be, whilst creating businesses that thrive creatively and financially.

Usha Maharaj

Delivery Partner, Strategy and Growth
A few years ago I left my high profiled, director position in a 'Big 4' audit firm to pursue my passion of empowering and serving others so that they may reach new career heights, like I had, while being true to themselves. Now I uplift mindsets, empower leadership skills, challenge limiting beliefs, break down barriers and inspire passion so that employees can reach the career heights they aspire toward while living in purpose and personal power and employers can reap the rewards of engaged, high performing, positive employees.

Belinda Doveston

Delivery Partner, Strategy and Learning
I have developed a deep understanding of the systems thinking nature of business - the synergy of interconnected and interdependent parts of the 'system'. From the production floor to the board room, all businesses and organisations have the same pieces that need to work together to do something extraordinary. I use the power of clear and insightful language, story and visual tools to create awareness, shift perceptions and shine the light on simple ideas in the midst of complexity.

Linda Jean

Delivery Partner, Executive and Team Coaching
Having worked in corporate management for over 15 years, I have recently reverted back to my roots of education and psychology, to culminate in coaching. The communication skills I’ve developed over my career help me to navigate my calling to listen, guide and coach those who choose to partner with me – adults and teens alike. I believe that you are the expert in your own life. My role is to guide you, through the use of attentive, non-judgemental listening and incisive questioning, to find your own answers and direction towards achieving your goals. I believe in the power of love, kindness and connection and my approach is nurturing and gentle, while still goal-directed and effective.