Empowering Teams

Boosting Bottom Lines

Would expert guidance, actionable insights, and team optimization help you enhance operations and achieve growth goals?

At Team Dynamics we guarantee that our coaching journey will help you:

  • Improve the execution and implementation of your ideas.
  • Increase your bottom-line growth and profitability.
  • Enhance the way you communicate your vision to your teams.
  • Develop more proactive, innovative, and change-ready teams.
  • Prevent burnout by optimising processes and workloads.
  • Empower middle management for faster decision-making.
  • Align teams and streamline workflows for greater efficiency.
  • Stop micromanaging by building your team’s autonomy.
  • Achieve ambitious goals through effective delegation.

Can’t focus on what you love doing, or on new opportunities? Do you find yourself constantly micromanaging your teams and getting stuck in the details of projects you want them to drive? If so, it’s time to create self-managing teams and a sustainable business primed for growth.

Let’s unpack the key issues for your team together

Through the use of our complimentary, no-obligation Team We-Scan survey, we’ll explore four key areas of your business:

Do all of these apply to you?

  • Right now, your biggest question is, ‘Why am I not getting the results from my team that I expect?’
  • You’re the founder, chief executive, or the leader of your business unit.
  • You have the mandate to deepen leadership and expand business outcomes.
  • You’ve struggled in the past to execute your strategy.

If so, then let’s book a complimentary, no-obligation session, subject to availability.

What happens after I take the Team We-Scan survey?

  1. Chat with our team about your objectives, challenges, and team dynamics.
  2. Book your one-hour online session – this can either be just for you or with each of your executive team members, depending on the We-Scan journey you choose.
  3. You and your executive team then complete our We-Scan survey, which takes 20 minutes per person.
  4. We use your survey results as the foundation for our consultation and provide actionable outcomes you can implement immediately.
  5. If there are particular areas where you need support, we’ll discuss the next steps.

Your coach for a more dynamic team

As an ex-corporate financial director, and someone who’s spent the last 20 years impassioned by human behaviour, Ann Baret knows numbers and she knows people.

She not only has a deep knowledge of the neuroscience behind what motivates and drives people – both personally and professionally – but she’s also trained and qualified in various personal development modalities with some of the world’s best teachers.

Working with Ann, you’ll benefit from her ability to look at your balance sheet and financial statements and quickly identify problems. With this, her coaching expertise, and the results from the Team We-Scan survey you complete, she guarantees that she’ll find the problems in your team and immediately recommend a way forward.

Delivering value: What our clients say

We were having scaling issues. As the founder, I was getting frustrated with people’s lack of execution. There was no initiative, a lack of accountability, and the general outlook of the team was negative. I felt exhausted and unable to motivate a positive culture. Initially, Ann helped me to recruit the right people and get everyone working to their strengths. The real difference was when Ann began working on-site with our team and attending our meetings. There is a marked increase in engagement and energy from my team and they hold themselves accountable for reaching our goals. I can now focus on the bigger picture and things that matter, instead of dealing with people issues and feeling frustrated with my team.       Wayne

We had a toxic work environment. There was a lot of conflict between team members, and we had disciplinary and recruitment issues. Ann began by getting our team to play to their strengths and helped us get clear on our ‘why’ (reason for being). She also helped us create a better culture. I can now feel the difference when I walk through the front door every morning. People are positive, happy and engaged. I now have time to dream big and grow the business because the people aspect is sorted.       Ingrid

Our productivity was very low, and we had a growing but toxic team. With Ann’s help, we discovered what we were good at and became more understanding and accepting of each other. We got rid of the toxic elements and got the right mix of people on our team. We built a healthy, trusting work environment that led to greatly increased productivity for everyone. And this now reflects on our bottom line. If I had known what I know now about the importance of getting the people aspect right in my business, I would have got Ann in right from the start. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy over the years, not to mention a better bottom line much sooner.        Hilldidge