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Accreditations and Certifications
Demartini Institute
Trained Demartini Method® Facilitator
The Demartini Method® is a personal transformation methodology that results in a new perspective and paradigm in thinking and feeling. It focuses on resolving grief, resentment, guilt and shame, and supports the collapse back into balance. Aligned to this core method is Values Determination, which identifies your individual highest values that drive your behaviour. Living in our highest values is about living in our purpose. Working with Values Determination within teams provides meaningful insights into whether your team member’s purpose and core values are aligned with that of the organisation.
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Neurozone® Certified Facilitator
Neurozone® looks at preventing burnout, building resilience and unlocking high performance through neuroscience, analytics and coaching. It’s a powerful diagnostic and leadership development tool, measuring various areas of resilience and offering solutions for organisation-wide employee well-being and performance. This tool was developed by a neurologist who spent most of his time handling burnout, where 90% of his patients were burnt out leaders. Neurozone® is a complex and in-depth leadership development tool that equips high-potential leaders with scientific insights and a deeper understanding on how the brain-body system drives resilience and high-performance.
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Contribution Compass
Contribution Compass Accredited Partner
Contribution Compass is a powerful team development methodology that identifies and develops a person’s inherent natural talent and maximises the overall contribution of a team. The Contribution Compass Profiler is the core tool that advises an individual on their natural energy or ‘zone of flow’, being one of eight profiles. This is supported with application techniques to focus individual contribution while deep diving into team profiles, balance and effectiveness. The Contribution Identifier is a newly added free tool to determine the natural energy profile or contribution required from a job or position.

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Creative Consciousness® Academy
ICF ACTP Accredited Consciousness Coach®
Consciousness Coaching® is a structured and detailed coaching approach that looks at an individual from a holistic perspective, including all areas of life. As a certified ICF (International Coaching Federation) and ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) level of training, this coaching certification focuses on delving into procrastination and stuckness, creating awareness, shifting beliefs, setting clear objectives and working towards delivering on those objectives. With coaching being such a powerful driver of leadership development, this rigorous approach forms the development backbone of our journeys.
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TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise)
Certified TRE® Provider
TRE® or Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises is an innovative set of exercises created by Dr David Berceli that assists the body with releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. We all experience trauma in one way or another, which is then held in the body and reflected through language and movement. This technique delves into the signals that we are in stress or are not addressing the things that we should be and supports the release of that stress. When leaders do not address their own trauma or that of their teams, this can create toxic and disabling work environments.
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Contribution Compass
Contribution Compass
Getting Teams Into Flow, Maximising Contribution
Successful companies are great at identifying, recruiting and retaining talent that adds the right kind of value to their customers and company, and then leveraging that contribution for maximum returns. It requires that you have a deep understanding of your natural energy and that you actively seek to utilise that natural energy to create, build and deliver value – for yourself and others inside the organisation. When there is a balance of natural energy around a boardroom table, in a management team or across the operational and front-line teams, the stronger team dynamics creates greater personal flow, customer flow and profit flow as a result.
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