How to Strengthen the Core

of Your Organisation
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Thank you for joining this Team Dynamics Journey. I am passionate about Compassionate Leadership, at the heart of which is a strong core. Through this journey I will explore the three core areas – purpose, values and competencies – along with how co-elevation supports that core. First up, watch this video where I frame our focus for these four areas or steps to strength.

Ann Baret, Founder of Team Dynamics

Four Steps to Strengthening Your Core
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Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Using her many years of experience, Ann Baret has created a special 12 question assessment to help you determine whether you are in Co-Exist, Collaborate or Co-Elevate mode in your organisation and what that might mean for you. 

By signing up to the assessment you can also access an additional downloadable guide to support you to increase the co-elevation in your team. We also have an extra gift for you – a free ticket to join our next Culture Game Plan Workshop. At this stage we just need your e-mail address to send you the assessment and guide. You will not be added to a newsletter or mailer by doing this step.

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