Matching Up Values and the Flow Profile

In this case the recruitment project was for an engineering firm that was looking for a project manager. We undertook a Leadership Landscape assessment with Jack, who appeared on paper to be an excellent fit for the position. However, his Contribution Compass profile result just did not add up.

Digging Deeply in Recruitment

In this case we share a recruitment story about how digging deeper in the recruitment journey, using the right tools, can yield powerful insights and support you to make the right decision. We work with a group of veterinary clinics and shops and support their recruitment and team coaching activities.

When the Going Gets Growing with the We-Scan

One of our partners called us in to assist with one of their clients in a recruitment process. This minerals industry company was having to recruit at a fast pace due to the rapid growth in their business. The challenge that most fast-growing companies face is …

Agreeing the Role You Need Next with Contribution Compass

Through this case story find out how we used the Contribution Identifier, a new free tool from Contribution Compass, to clearly define the contribution we needed the most as our next hire, not the job title we thought we needed.

Defining Your Value Proposition with Contribution Compass

In this case story, find out how we used Contribution Compass to redefine our value proposition as part of our web site redesign project. It just goes to show that Contribution Compass is so much more than a team profiling tool.