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Step by Step
For Founders and Leaders
Looking to Develop Sustainable Growth and Cultivating Great Teams
Sustainable Growth Requires a Longer Journey
Minimum Four Months
In-depth Assessment and Planning
Before you can solve any problem, you have to know what problem you are trying to solve. We often experience that what a team thinks their challenges are, most of the time is rooted in a different place altogether. In this four-month journey, we delve deeply into all aspects of the business and the team. This includes an operational excellence assessment, an in-depth culture and competency review, Contribution Compass assessments for the team, a strategy definition project using the Scaling Up methodology and any other tool to support deeper insight. This enables us to collaboratively prioritise what is important, develop the route map and address the immediate and critical obstacles the team might be challenged with.
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Minimum 12 Months
Ongoing Team and Strategy Development
Most team growth projects and strategies fail, not in concept or through the quality of the idea, yet through the lack of effective execution of that idea. Deep, meaningful change, and its resultant sustainable growth, requires the capacity to go the long distance. In this journey, an implementation partner walks the journey with you and your team, guiding and driving the agreed route plan. This includes training on and implementation of the Scaling Up methodology so that meeting, communication and measurement structures drive the strategy in being realised through the day-to-day operations. This may include sourcing and managing specialist partners to deliver specific projects.
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Acceleration Requires Meaningful Experiences and Tools
Online and Face-to-Face / Standard and Bespoke
Events and Workshops
Do you have a specific team development workshop you would like to run? Interested in our online events and standard workshops? Contact us to chat about a specific project you need support on or take a look at our calendar of upcoming events.
Assessments and Guides
Team Growth Tools
We use and have access to an array of great team assessment and development tools. It’s all about using the right tool for the right purpose. We especially love working with the Contribution Compass team development methodology.
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How to Get Your Brain Unstuck and Into Flow?
Join this learning journey to unlock your brain and get you and your team into flow.