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Compassionate Leadership Series
Compassionate Leadership Insights: #7 Owning Emotion

‘Pandemic’ is the collective new for us all. Many of us don’t know how to deal with this crisis and we are trying to be normal. Yet nothing is normal. We don’t know how to do this social distancing thing (I prefer to call it physical distancing) while also staying …

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #8 Dare to Disagree

Socrates insisted on our right to think for ourselves. Too often, he warned, humans sleepwalk through life, simply going along with the crowd.
It’s only human to avoid disagreement and conflict. However, inviting objection into our work can be a game changer…

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #9 Celebrate Others

Given what I’ve observed over the past decade in working with leaders from companies of all sizes and types, I believe we cannot celebrate teams’ victories enough. People thrive when they are recognised and affirmed for their contribution to …

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #10 Courage

Most of us have never lived through a global pandemic before. This is unprecedented.  What is not unprecedented is a sudden change in technology, culture or politics that throws businesses into chaos. Any new technological advancement…

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #11 Focused Clarity

Great leaders are willing servants of people, organisations and causes. Instead of worrying about how powerful they are or what position they hold, these leaders focus on what others need. Without the distractions of ego, they can see…

Compassionate Leadership Insights: #12 Responsibility

The typical executive team meeting at most organisations illustrates how blame is a powerful motivator. Like its close cousins guilt and shame, blame is one of the most common forms of motivation used by leaders, parents and politicians. . Depending on how…

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