We think of a ‘glass being empty’ as something to avoid at all cost. Yet when it comes to our learning and development as leaders, this could be the wisest philosophy of all.

Our glasses get filled with all kinds of learning, experiences and wisdom as we make our way. And when the glass gets full, or our learning really matures in a particular area, we can take one of two primary paths. We can celebrate the fullness and decree our delight that we are experts and there is nothing more to learn, while keeping on drawing on what’s in that glass. Or, we can walk the path less travelled, and empty that glass out.

The humility required for this step is great. As a leader it takes us out of knowing it all on a topic and into receptivity to learn even more, a willingness to be a child again and to become filled with the wonder and energy of fresh insight and new waves of learning.

When we stop learning, we stop growing. And so do the people around us. When we assume we understand everything, we develop deep blind spots and biases that impact those we lead. As we reflect on the empty glass, let’s take a moment this week to unpack some areas where we feel we know it all. And let’s embrace the idea that the more we know, the less we know. So what’s in your glass that you are now willing to let go of?

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