Life is a river. And our businesses flow like rivers. Sometimes everything speeds up and it gets a bit crazy. At other times, everything slows down and we get a chance to take in the view. So when the river is pumping, and driving us to act, our resistance to change and holding onto our deeply-held fears can be our undoing.

At this time then, let us reflect on the rivers upon which we flow. In some aspect of your business right now, there are new beginnings and an overwhelming onslaught of decisions, actions and challenges. We put together this list of reflection questions that might just support you this week in taking a plunge in the right direction:

🌱 What is your biggest fear that is pushing itself into your awareness, demanding attention and action?

🌱 With the moment holding so much risk, where is the opportunity of this risk calling to you to seize the day?

🌱 What are the repeated patterns that keep on trapping you, your team and your business, in dead ends and sticky corners?

🌱 What is your foundation or core that you should really double down on augmenting and getting into shape before the frilly nice to haves come into play?

We are with you in thought this week as we all plunge forward, sometimes into the vast unknown. Keep reminding yourself that not plunging when the time is upon us, is far worse than clinging onto the perceived safety of the comfort zone.

If you feel stuck and uncertain, consider doing a free Me-Scan self-assessment to give you some idea where to focus on shifting the stuckness. Visit our website for details.