What has been your biggest frustration this week? Where have things not gone to plan? Or where is the pressure building up? And what have you been waiting on? A critical callback, a client saying ‘yes’ or any other signal that it’s time for action?

When we hit the doldrums and nothing seems to flow and move, it’s critical that we understand how to manage our own frustrations as leaders. Our teams look to us for a model of how to deal with stuff that does not go to plan or at the pace desired. Finding your ‘zen’ centre and trusting the process gives others permission to not stress and rather get on with other things that need preparation.

So this week, if you do feel that inner pressure at the waiting game, redirect your team to the preparation you can do while you wait for the ‘yes’. Assume it’s going to come and think carefully about what you will need to successfully manage the flow. Let go of obsessing over the outcome and trust that what you really need is on its way.

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