We were recently asked to put together a proposal for leadership training. The deliverable was to be a structured course to develop leadership skills for a national company struggling to build its middle management team. So what do you think happened when instead we submitted a leadership coaching proposal?

You probably guessed it right. “Thanks but no thanks. As an executive team, we have specifically agreed to training not coaching.” It was a great reminder that there is much work for us all to do to shift how we think about leadership development. Can you fix leadership issues with a short course or is a long-term commitment to transformation the answer.

Well, we are bit biased. While short-burst skills programmes can be powerful enablers of change, people tend to do better when they are also given support that evolves as they do, when they develop the capability to see the obstacles and find solutions past those obstacles.

Coaching has a powerful role to play in building people and organisational resilience. It’s not just for the problem cases or executives. Chat to us if you would like to learn more about our leadership coaching approach.

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