Every day, we connect with others and influence their thoughts and behaviours through our own. It can be a sobering thought that there we are, bumbling along in our own life or team, and there is an inherent impact on others as we go about our business.

In some ways it is easier to see the trail of destruction that someone negative inflicts on others. You can feel the mood of the room change as the team starts to feel sticky and heavy. It’s one of the things we focus on in working with teams…how does the place feel? And how does the team’s flow fluctuate depending on who is speaking or what is being spoken about?

Perhaps it is harder to see the influence of positive behaviour and good leading by example. We might never fully appreciate how a kind word or good piece of advice may live with someone forever. People absorb that kind of influence and let it percolate and transform over time.

And so there is pressure to do good and inspire others with our business-as-usual. Yet what a gift and opportunity to make a difference and lead from the front. So this week, ask yourself two questions: (1) what one thing do I do that influences others negatively; and (2) what one behaviour lifts and inspires others?

Enjoy working with those questions this week. Perhaps consider our Me-Scan free self-assessment tool to support reflecting deeply on our teams. Can you beat the average? It’s at 66% right now so give it a shot by visiting our web page.