It is an act of courage to commit to seeing things clearly and taking action based on what you see. Too many leaders wear conscious and unconscious blinkers, avoiding the challenges that are there for all to see. And it’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes….the inner circle may be convinced but the wider team is not so easily fooled.

The strange thing about facing what is really going on, warts and all, is that it releases a MASSIVE amount of energy. It’s like ‘gummy berry juice’. It ignites creative flow and re-energizes everyone. Even more strange, is that the issue is normally not as gob-smacking and overwhelming as we make it out to be in our internal ruminations.

So, what needs your focus right now? Where does the light of insight need to shine? Where are you struggling to see what is really going on? Persevere with penetrating the darkness and seeking the golden nugget of insight and clarity. Light the way for your team to clear the air, see the bigger picture, and reconnect to your shared vision.

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