Be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it… We have all heard this warning before. Putting the negative limitation of this thought aside, it does speak to a particular phenomenon of growth – when things finally kick in and a surge of new learning descends upon us.

You could call this phase the ‘growing pains’ stage. We enter into new realms of learning, usually accompanied by an overwhelming amount of things to do and new issues to sort out.

So how do you, as a Compassionate Leader, deal with the overwhelm and surge of this new activity? It’s really simple. Get back to your core. Prioritise those things that help shore up the foundation of your project or team and put down (for now) the extra frilly bits and nice-to-haves. Recognise what this phase is all about – the acceleration in learning – and look to a practical approach to embedding new learning as quickly as possible. In other words, master your ability to translate learning into action, in real time.

If you are struggling to see where you should focus, consider joining us for a We-Scan team assessment journey. It’s complimentary and built upon our Compassionate Leadership framework. If you only have 5 minutes (which you do), consider our free Me-Scan self-assessment and take it from there. Our Me-Scan average is sitting at 65% this week. So can your team beat the average? Check out our web site for more details.